June 27, 2013

To Write In English

For almost four years I have been writing articles on HubPages. It was very hard to get started, because my mother tongue isn't English. I had just studied English in school and spoken English to a friend for a short period of time. I was afraid I would forget all I had learned and wanted to start writing and reading English again. Then I found HubPages, and that gave me a chance to start writing. My first hub was called "My Cats Are From Egypt". I was very excited about the first comments I got on my first hubs, but somehow they didn't push me enough to keep writing.

I actually just wrote three hubs/articles that year in a few days. I stopped believing in myself and quit. I guess I was exhausted, too. It had taken much energy and time for me to complete these three hubs. Almost two years later I reaurned to HubPages, and now I felt ready to keep writing. I'm still writing and so far I've published 82 hubs. I'm sure there will be at least 82 more.

I learn so much every time I read and write hubs. I still learn many words in English. I know my way of writing is pretty simple, but I know I can get better. I can write this blog post without looking up any words. I'm not 100 percent sure everything can be understood by the reader, but I hope so. I'll keep writing in English. I love writing in this language.

And my mother tongue is Swedish...

I love this world of words and wonders!

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