June 25, 2013

How I Find Inspiration For My Writing

I have not written a hub or article for a couple of days now. My latest hub "Forest Creatures In Scandinavian Folklore" took me a couple of days to write. I got really inspired to write that article based on what I had experienced and based on pictures I had taken.

I ususally get my inspiration from nature. This inspiration can be seen in many of my poems. They are often a reflection of emotions that nature gives me. I'm also really fascinated about people and relationships between people. I like the way time changes things and relationships. This is also something that can be seen in my poetry.

Sometimes I'll find inspiration, when I read another hub or article. Many writers on HubPages have inspired me to keep writing. They have also inspiried me by leaving comments on my hubs. Inspiration is something I get when I hear, read, smell, feel, do or see something interesting. I want to describe all these feelings or experiences in words. That's how my hubs are born.

The problem I seem to have is not a lack of inspiration for my writing. It's rather the fact that I become too inspired and I can't choose what to write about. What inspires you as a writer?

Have a good summer Tuesday and keep writing!

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